Abaddon Harlcok

Ex British Army Captain and Former Prize Fighting Champ


Abridged Bio:
Abaddon was born in 1871 and served as a Captain in the British Army Services from 1891 to 1898. He began prize fighting in 1896 and left the Army to pursue that full time, and eventually retired from that in 1906. In the intervening period he wed and shortly after fathered a son. He became estranged from his wife and left the son with her at her request. After retiring from prize fighting he started travelling the world as any British gentleman would. He settled down in Crete in 1913 to enjoy his retirement, while sending financial support to his wife and son.

Family and Friends:
Catherine L. Harlock – Wife (36)
Phantom F. Harlock – Son (12)
Tochiro – Second

Abaddon Harlcok

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