Operation Ípnos

Game One

Game One

1/3 Cows dead
investigated closer
found very bad smell, emaciated, blackness around eyes
Called vet
vet had seen only a few cases
was affecting all kinds of animals but no humans
kills very quickly, within a day
Billy gets sick
call the dock Tarik

Patient Dayar
hasn’t slept in two weeks
bad cough
inflamed but black tonsils
lives in Irakleio
six miles from front
guns keeping him up probably
Conferred with Dr. Collias
curious about inflamed tonsil
Collias had seen other patients with similar symptons
One young woman had killed herself
Tarik and Jake
Goes to the ranch

Abaddon Harlcok
Got up in the morning, only to be disturbed by old manager (Ray)
Tired, “losing sleep looking for you”
wants to set up a fight
one last fight
could earn 3000lbs w/ a 60/40 split
Goes jogging
reaches the bar where the fight was to be
sees manager there
Meets his opponent
jogs home
Next Day
Ray at the door
looks terrible, very sad
Johnny KIA
“Buys” you dinner
Gets drunk, stumbles out on the check
Decides to go home
Way home
accosted by 2 Austrians in uniform
one goes down with one hit
second dies when trips on steps
leaned up against the wall
both smell awful
blackness around eyes
After Dream: (Day 2)
Went back to the bar
Saw Ray
Ray blows off
Goes home

Corporal Lars
Wakes up dazed
Tangled in a pile of corpses
all fresh
but they smell weeks old
black eyes
Loot the corpses
broken watch
broken flare gun
Full canteen of water
5 marks, 6 francs
set off back towards own lines
crawl through shell holes
find living Austrian
stabbed to death
found a few more dosh
crawl into hole near lines
shot ricochets off helmet
Austrian struggling to work the action on a rifle
wearing miss-matched clothes
Hidden in corpses
doesn’t know when/where he is
scars on eyes
Left to die
Back to the lines
Report in to CO Sgt. Stewart
Can’t find him, find his CO Lt. Mathewson
Sarge has been missing
Organize search party
Starts at midnight
Picks more Yanks
After Dream: (Day 2)
Wakes up in trenches
Missed the raid
No one made it back
Going back out “tonight”

Geoffrey Fitzgerald
Arrives at work for the 3rd day.
Issues facing the navy
Blockade of Crete
sink all vessels leaving or arriving on the island.
Those without express permission
Orders from a Konteradmiral
Personally is to oversee the landings at Crete
Carl places a report on the desk
After-action of U-17
Kapitänleutnant Hans Walther commanding
Sank an Allied transport Albatross leaving Crete (first that has left)
submerged to escape
Suddenly whole crew sank into a coma
Walther had to steer the ship away
Crew came too after 20 minutes of sailing
All had horrible scarring nightmares
Many haven’t spoken since
Visit Walther
relates much the same story
Mentions hither-too unknown sailor who went crazy.
Sailor X assaulted an officer screaming that they were coming to get him.

Jeff’s Achaeologist
Telegraphed by Friend
Important discovery, of the utmost importance
In Crete
Arrives on the Albatross
Goes to friend
Found translation of Linear A
Tablet translates to ancient Egyptian
Tablet found on Island just north of Iraklieo
References to elixirs of power
Wrote all this down in his journal
Going Drinking
Stumbling home
Find 2 dead Austrians
Take to hospital

The Dream
Walking in a field
Vague feeling of familiarity
Like you’ve been here before
Field changes as walking
Rain starts
Ground turns to mud
Particularly large explosion
White glowing albatross emerges and flies away
Have to chase it
It has the answers that you seek
Flies to the beach
Out over the water.
Look around see others there.
Generally productive
No one seemed interested in meeting each other
Smoke appeared on the horizon
Everyone seemed apprehensive
Back away.
Jeff’s Friend didn’t
Eaten alive by the reddish fog
Ran inland
Fog pursues them to top of the mountain where they wake up

Sorry if I’ve missed anything or added anything. From now on I’ll be taking thorough notes.


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